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Feng shui lucky Buddha symbolism


lucky buddha symbolism
The Lucky Buddha statue is considered a symbol of enlightenment, inner peace, and tranquility. Statues of Buddha are popular all over the world. From Japan to Afghanistan, each culture has carved Buddha in its own unique style. There is a statue for every space from small statues which are suitable for table top and indoor decor to large life sized ones.

About Gautama Buddha

Gautama Buddha (lit. "The Enlightened One") was born a prince named Gautama Siddhārtha in Nepal between 563 and 483 BCE. His birthday is celebrated in many South and South East countries of Asia, and is known by different names. In India and Nepal it is known as Buddha Purnima, while Sri Lankans and Malaysians call it Vesak. In Mandarin Chinese Buddha's birthday is called Fodan and in Tibetan it is Saga Dawa. There is no exact date on which Buddha's birthday is celebrated across Asia, or by Buddhists worldwide. It varies according to the Lunar calendar used by that particular country. In the Gregorian calendar the date usually falls in the month of April or May each year.

Gautama Buddha is the primary figure in the Buddhist philosophy, believed to have achieved enlightenment. He continues to share his insights so that all sentient beings may do likewise.

The poses of Buddha statues

lucky buddha symbolism While there are over one hundred traditional poses for Buddha statuary, certain ones are commonly seen.

Tip: Choose a statue that speaks best to you for that particular bagua area of your home or business.

Lucky Buddha placement

Where to place your Lucky Buddha statue? The best place for your statue is in a place of reverence, facing east if possible. It should be a high position in the room with no clutter nearby. If you have a home altar, this spot may be a good choice.

Avoid placing your Buddha statue in the kitchen and bedroom, and avoid the bedroom unless you have a closed cabinet in which to place the statue at night.

Note: Never disrespect your statue by placing it on the ground. A wooden or metal pedestal for it is best, but at the very least place the statue on a cloth rather than directly on the ground. This goes for garden statuary as well.

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