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Lucky Cat costume ideas


maneki neko costume
If you’re thinking about dressing as a maneki neko lucky cat for that next costume party, you’re in the right place. It’s easy to make a custom lucky cat costume from everyday clothing items. With just a little creativity, you can have a unique maneki neko costume for Halloween, Mardi Gras, or masquerade parties.

Create a lucky cat costume

It is possible to assemble an elegant lucky cat costume from parts. Wear a white bodysuit, and add a cat ears headpiece and tail. You can quickly stitch on felt circles to emulate the spots of a calico maneki neko. Wear white shoes and paw gloves to complete the cat look.

Accessorize your lucky cat costume

The primary accessories of the lucky cat are the collar with bell, the bib, and the golden coin tablet. You can use any red cat collar by adding a “neko” (猫) tag to it. A green bandana would work well as the bib in a pinch. The coin is a koban coin (10 million ryo) with the kanji for “10 million ryo” (千万両) on it. This can be made easily with gold foil and foamcore board.

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