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Lucky Cat symbolism


maneki neko symbolism
The Maneki Neko is of course a symbol of good fortune. The colour, pose, and placement determine the intent of each particular statue. It's easy to find a lucky cat statue to suit your particular needs. Furthermore, to cover every possible intent, collect several statues in varying poses and colours. They display best as a large group anyway!

Which paw is up?

If the maneki neko’s left paw is up, it is inviting people in. If the right paw is up, it is inviting good fortune in. Both paws up is a symbol of protection for the home or business the statue is in. You can sometimes find two-cat pairs to cover both angles.

Maneki neko colour meanings

Every colour of maneki neko has a particular symbolism. Choose the colour of your maneki neck statue according to your particular needs.

Lucky cat placement

Where to place your lucky cat? The best spot is at the entrance of your home or business. Lucky cats can then greet your visitors. The maneki neko is also a protective symbol, so placement at the entry will guard one’s dwelling or business from evil influences.

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