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How to use crystals in feng shui


How to use crystals in feng shui
In feng shui crystals are commonly used as a quick and easy way to redirect qi in a new direction. They are used to cleanse negative qi and attract positive qi. Placing crystals around the home also raises the vibrational frequency of the room in which the crystal has been placed.

How to choose a crystal

You can choose crystals for both their shape and their properties such as calming and healing.

The meaning of crystals

lucky crystals in feng shui

Crystal placement

Where to place crystals? Crystals can be placed around the home to protect and cleanse the home's qi.

Hang prisms in stairwells, hallways, and windows to keep qi moving in the desired direction. However, other crystals should be placed on a flat surface whenever possible. You can place them singly or use a bowl to group several together for best effect.

Tip: Place crystals at the corners of square or rectangular furniture to encourage qi to follow a curve rather than the straight line of the furniture.

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