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Feng shui Lucky Elephant symbolism


lucky elephant symbolism
The Lucky Elephant is a symbol of stability, wisdom, and good fortune. Its form is an elephant statue draped with an ornate blanket upon its back. You might also see elephant statues standing on a pile of coins; these are specifically designed to attract wealth, much like a Lucky Toad statue.

The Lucky Elephant is associated with Buddha who took the form of a white elephant carrying a lotus flower when appearing before his mother Queen Maya prior to his birth.

Is the trunk up or down?

For best fortune, the trunk of your lucky elephant should be up to shower blessings of fortune upon all who enter. An elephant with the trunk down is considered ill fortune for the owner of the statue as his or her blessings will drain away easily.

Lucky Elephant placement

lucky elephant symbolism Where to place your Lucky Elephant? The best place for your elephant is facing the front door of your home or business to bestow blessings and good fortune upon all those who enter.

It is considered even more auspicious to have a mirror-image pair of elephants outside flanking the door to provide protection to those within by warding off ill fortune.

Tip: For extra luck, place a small trio of miniature elephants on a table or altar inside such that they are facing toward the front door.

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