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Feng shui Lucky Toad symbolism


Jin Chan symbolism
The Jin Chan (金蟾, "Golden Toad") is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. The Lucky Toad statue is a toad-shaped statue whose back legs are replaced by a tadpole's tail, giving the effect of a three-legged toad. This association with the number "3" is considered auspicious.

The toad typically has red eyes and a pattern of seven diamond-shaped spots on its back. The toad sits on a pile of coins, and offers a coin in its mouth. Jin Chan is considered a companion of the Immortal Liu Haichan, the God of Wealth.

Purpose of the Lucky Toad

The Lucky Toad attracts wealth and prosperity to the home, symbolizing the flow of money into the home or business. It is typically gold or red coloured, which are the lucky money colours.

Lucky Toad placement

Jin Chan symbolism Where to place your lucky toad? The best spot is at the entrance of your home or business. Lucky toads can then attract wealth into the home or business while deflecting bad luck. It should face the interior of the building rather than the front door so as to encourage wealth into the building.

If your toad is intended to draw wealth to a business, consider placing your toad next to the cash register facing into the shop.

Note: The lucky toad should never be kept in the bathroom or kitchen due to the running water in those areas causing wealth to "flush away" with the water. In addition, do not disrespect your toad by placing it on the floor.

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